2021: Best of Panama with Boquete (ILPC)

10 days from Panama City to Panama City

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10 Days
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Day 1Panama CityArrive in beautiful, colorful, and vibrant Panama City. Built in 1519 by Pedro Arias de Avila, a Spanish conquistador who made it his base for plundering Peru's riches, Panama today remains one of the central hubs for commerce and trade in the Americas. Panama offers diverse natural wonders, a melting pot of cultures and historical as well as modern cityscapes.
Day 2BoqueteA short flight brings you to David in the province of Chiriqui. This enchanted land is the Chiriqui Highlands, the part of Cordillera Central that defines the northern border of the province of Chiriqui. It is a beautiful landscape of cloud forests, volcanic peaks, and coffee plantations, and it is home to most of Panama's Ngobe Bugle Indians. Here, you will find rainforests bedecked full of chattering iridescent birds, flowering epiphytes high above the forest floor, and gurgling streams making their way toward the nearby sea. Arrive at your resort in Boquete this afternoon. (B)
Day 3BoqueteThis morning, the choice is yours. Perhaps visit Finca Lerida, located just outside Baru Volcano National Park. Keep an eye out for the elusive resplendent quetzal, 3-wattled bellbird, black-faced solitaire, volcano hummingbird, long-tailed silky flycatcher, and prong-billed barbet amid the ancient trees covered with orchids, bromeliads, and lichens. Or, explore La Amistad International Park. Shared with neighboring Costa Rica, La Amistad is located on the Central American natural land bridge where flora and fauna from North and South America mix. Spend some time hiking and exploring the area in search of the resplendent quetzal, the Andean pygmy owl, and many western highland birds. (B)
Day 4BoqueteToday is free to do as you please. Perhaps take an optional trip to the Caldera Hot Springs to soak in the thermally heated waters; visit Cafe Ruiz, where experts explain the process coffee beans go through; take an adrenaline-filled zipline tour through the cloud forest's canopy; or enjoy a scenic horseback ride. (B)
Day 5Panama CityDepart Boquete and transfer to the airport for your included flight to Panama City. (B)
Day 6Panama CityAfter breakfast, your private city tour visits Casco Antiguo, the colonial area and oldest sector of modern Panama City, founded in 1673 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This historic district was built as a protected walled city after Panama City was burned down in a pirate attack in 1671. Here, see the restored colonial buildings, churches, and historical monuments. Next, visit the Miraflores Locks at the Panama Canal to witness this engineering genius in operation. During your guided tour, learn about the history of the canal and its construction, and observe transiting vessels navigating the locks from just a few feet away. (B)
Day 7Gamboa Rainforest ResortToday, a special treat is in store when you board a vessel for a Panama Canal partial transit. Your boat will enter the canal at the Gailard Cut, where the Chagres River flows into the canal and where the canal was carved through the Continental Divide. Enter the Pedro Miguel Locks, where your vessel will be lowered approximately 30 feet into Miraflores Lake. Continue to the Miraflores Locks to be lowered almost 60 feet to the Pacific Ocean. Disembark your ship and head to Gamboa Rainforest Resort within Soberania National Park. (B,L)
Day 8Gamboa Rainforest ResortAn enchanting journey takes you deep into the dense jungles of the Chagres, where the Embera Indians have lived for centuries. The adventure begins with a river cruise up the Chagres in dugout canoes, the Embera traditional hand-carved boats. Upon arrival at the Indian village, you will be taken back in time as you are immersed in ancient Embera cultural dances and music that have not changed much since Columbus arrived in the 1500s. The Emberas will give you a glimpse into their mystical rituals and amazing knowledge of medicinal plants and other natural remedies. The Indians will invite you to explore the area's abundant variety of birds and wildlife during a trek that takes you through the untouched jungle and past sparkling waterfalls. Top off your visit with a typical lunch in the village. (B,L)
Day 9Gamboa Rainforest ResortEnjoy a free day to take advantage of the resort's many activities, like an aerial tram tour, kayaking, fishing, or birding and monkey tours. Alternatively, simply relax by the pool or at the spa. (B)
Day 10Gamboa Rainforest ResortYour vacation ends with breakfast this morning. (B)

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