GLOBUS 2026: Independent South African Sojourn with Victoria Falls (IQS2)

11 Day Package from Cape Town to Johannesburg

Explore South Africa from A to Zebra on this incredible Independence by Globus Africa adventure. A variety of experiences await including moving history in Johannesburg, magnificent landscapes in Cape Town, and a menagerie of wild creatures on safari in a private game reserve. In Cape Town, spectacular views from the Cape of Good Hope deliver astonishing panoramas, peninsulas, and African penguins playing in the surf of Boulders Beach. Take some I-time for wine tasting or whale watching off the Cape. Things get even wilder on safari where you'll search for the 'Big 5' (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and Cape buffalo) and a host of wondrous wildlife, including rhino, giraffe, hippo, cheetah, and hyena - just to name a few. Toast your safari adventure with traditional sundowner drinks in the bush and luxurious safari accommodations waiting at day's end.

You'll then fly to Zimbabwe to explore the Zambezi River and Victoria Falls in spectacular celebration of your African adventure!

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Offer valid through 9/30/2024
11 Days
Escorted - Yes
Day 1Cape TownWelcome to South Africa! Your hotel is available for mid-afternoon check-in.

Day 2Cape Town
-Start your private guided sightseeing with a cable-car ride up Table Mountain for stunning views over the 'Mother City.'
-Nature calls during a your visit to Boulders Beach where a colony of endangered African Penguins greet you with their unique sound.
-At Cape Point Nature Reserve, stop at the Cape of Good Hope for photos and memorable views where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. Then on to Cape Point, for a funicular ride to the steps of the old lighthouse.
-Enjoy lunch at a famed local restaurant and taste local beer. On your return journey, skirt the rocky coastline as you ascend Chapman's Peak Drive, one of the most spectacular drives in the world.


Day 3Cape Town
-Enjoy a full day at your leisure.


Today's I-Time Tips
Enjoy a full day at leisure for your own discoveries. Perhaps explore the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, take an excursion to the stunning Cape Winelands for wine tasting, or go whale watching in nearby Hermanus (June-November).

Day 4Greater Kruger National Park Area
-Fly to the Greater Kruger National Park area and transfer to your lodge in a private game reserve, home to an abundance of wildlife including the famed 'Big 5'-lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and Cape buffalo.
-Set out on your first game drive this afternoon in an open-air, 4-wheel-drive safari vehicle.


Day 5Greater Kruger Area
-Learn about this special ecosystem from the professional Ranger as you view wildlife up close on morning and afternoon game drives. Beyond the 'Big 5,' you'll have the chance to see kudu, giraffe, hippo, cheetah, spotted hyena, bushbaby, and more!


Day 6Greater Kruger Area
-Embark on your morning game drive before returning to your lodge for breakfast. Your afternoon game drive concludes with a sundowner drink as the sun sets over the bushveld!


Today's I-Time Tips
Take advantage of the lodge pool, relax with a book, or enjoy a drink at the bar.

Day 7Johannesburg
-Enjoy one last game drive this morning before flying to Johannesburg.


Today's I-Time Tips
Settle in to your hotel or explore Mandela Square with it's shops and restaurants.

Day 8Johannesburg-Today's private guided sightseeing tour starts with a visit to the Apartheid Museum to learn of the history of South Africa before delving into the apartheid years.
-In Soweto (South Western Township), the largest township in the country, visit Mandela House and see the neighborhood that was home to Nobel Peace Prize winners Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela. Enjoy lunch in a local restaurant before transferring back to your hotel for time at leisure.

Please note: The Apartheid Museum is not open on Monday or Tuesday. A visit to Constitution Hill Museum will be provided in it's place.


Day 9Victoria Falls-Today, fly to Zimbabwe, home of awe-inspiring Victoria Falls.
-A cruise on the Zambezi River affords you a wonderful opportunity to photograph wildlife and a spectacular Africa sunset. Yes, drinks and canapes are included!


Day 10Victoria Falls-Feel the thunder on your private guided walk along Victoria Falls, where you will learn the history of the falls and hear fascinating details about the surrounding flora and fauna.


Today's I-Time Tips
Soar high above the falls on an optional helicopter ride or visit a local village.

Day 11JohannesburgYour vacation ends with a flight back to Johannesburg. Schedule departing flights after 7:30 pm.



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